United Pipe Fabricators


To be able to fill our customers' orders completely, we have developed a full and varied range of capabilities.
We have the technology to calculate hydraulic requirements and generate a materials list from a set of drawings. We have the machinery to handle the full range of pipe sizes whether we're threading, grooving, or welding.
Our equipment list includes Cypress Whirleybird Circle welders and a bridge crane for loading our vehicles.
Most important: our people have the skill levels needed to do your job right.


A healthy and constantly refilled inventory of pipe, fittings, and other supplies is maintained in our storage facilities. Along with our spacious and efficient fabrication plant, this enables us to operate at maximum production levels without ever keeping a customer waiting.
And because we buy high-quality material in volume, our suppliers give us the best prices and latest information on product development.


As hard as we work to satisfy our customers, you'd think we were surrounded by competition. But the competitive spirit is simply a result of our drive to be the best.
As an organization, we place a high priority on management. We are watchful of our performance, making sure that our capability and capacity are working together to give you the quality product and the service you need, when you need it.
Regarding the competition........we've been too busy to notice them. We think that says it all.

We Can Fit You, Too.

Whether you are a mechanical contractor, or a fire sprinkler contractor...if you are a fabricator or manufacturer yourself and you need help with a special requirement...we can assist. You can send us your drawings or a materials list for your project, large or small. We'll bundle it to your specs and ship it to your job site without delay. But more specifically, if you are a buyer of pipe fabrication, who wants top-notch, timely service and a system built of quality materials, then we will fit you perfectly.

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