The Advantage of Complete Control

United Sprinkler's fabrication plant is one of the distinguishing features of the company, and sets us apart from all possible competition in production and quality control, and time performance. We can inventory more pipe, fittings, and related supplies than is needed for our normal workload. We also have additional storage facilities to allow us to take advantage of even greater quantity buying. Because we are a volume buyer, we have solid relationships with our suppliers, who keep us constantly aware of product developments.
We are proud to own some very specialized fabricating equipment. The Cypress Whirleybird Circle Welder, a 360-degree automatic welder, is one of just a few of its kind in the state. Our fabrication facility utilizes a bridge crane for loading and unloading pipe from our trucks, which greatly facilitates the speedy mobilization of material.
All of the advantages of in-house inventory and fabrication are passed along to our clients, who are in need of job performance without complications or delays.

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