Success Through Self-Sufficiency

Since we started in 1972, United Sprinkler has remained focused on being an ideal subcontractor, a responsive company that a contractor, owner, or developer can depend on for the timely completion of a job well done.
Several factors contribute to our success in maintaining this ideal, but the one to which we are most dedicated is self-sufficiency. In this way, we can assure our clients the utmost in quality design and engineering, fiscal management, needs analysis, material, installation, and maintenance.
So that you can rely on us, we make certain that we don't have to rely on anyone else. All of the needs analysis, cost analysis, design, and engineering are performed by our staff with the aid of computer and CAD technology.
We stock a generous supply of pipe and fittings, and we transport our material via our own fleet of trucks.
We fabricate your project's sprinkler system entirely in-house with the most advanced equipment available. And our production capabilities are proportioned so that one part of our team is never waiting for the other. For example, we can fabricate faster than we can install. We are a very well managed company.
Our employees are our greatest resource, and we strive to keep them involved and fulfilled. Most of our field supervisors have been with us for more than ten years.
But most important, we have satisfied customers, and to us, there is no greater measure of success.

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